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31 décembre 2005

Enoch Light and The Light Brigade - Big Bold And Brassy (Command RS33 818)

Et aujourd'hui, pour fêter la nouvelle année 2006 et pour rendre le réveillon swinguant : Enoch Light and The Light Brigade - Big Bold And Brassy. Et maintenant, trinquons!

L'album + pochette : ici

5 commentaires:

Pops and Scratches a dit...

Pops and Scratches is back up now. I hope you had a great new year and good luck for the future.

savoadaki a dit...

Love your music choices, most of which are quite new to me. Enoch Light, Martin Denny, Les Baxter some of my favourites, one after the other. I make sure I download them, and am grateful you don't post something every day, so I can deal with the time restrictions of rapidshare. Happy New Year

Anonyme a dit...

Excellent work! Your place is just a treasure island for great music. Keep it up. Rescuing and sharing efforts like yours will help insure that all this beautiful music never be lost for present and future generations to enjoy.
-Aside, would you kindly re-upload "Enoch Light and The Light Brigade - Big Bold And Brassy"? Rapidshare erased it due to time restrictions (March 22, 2006) Most sincere thanks.-

Anonyme a dit...

Please once again make loading Enoch Light and The Light Brigade - Big Bold And Brassy

Anonyme a dit...

Thank You for sharing this great recording by Enoch Light. All recordings on the Command Record label were done to a very high standard.