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29 janvier 2007

Big Ben Hawaiian Band - When You Dream About Hawaii

Merci à Scorpio pour ce post. Bonne écoute.

L'album + pochette : ici

7 commentaires:

Luis a dit...


I need a password to unzip this album! I can't see in your page any password.

All the best


Anonyme a dit...

pw : hawaii

Terangi Manakoora a dit...

Allright, Niko …it’s workin! The password is ‘hawaii’.
Well but…I have some doubts yet:

The tracks 06 and 15 are lost???
And do you have the back cover with the name of the tracks….??

Thank you very much for help!

Anonyme a dit...

Hi folks. It wasn't explained, you need to look at the comment I made when I offered the album. I will copy the info here which explains why the tracks are missing.


I have my daughter to thank for this cassette album. She found it wet and discarded in my garden this morning. The neighbours moved out this morning and they must have thrown it out of the window before they left. Of all the gardens in all the world, it had to land into mine lol

This cassette was a challenge I just couldn't resist. The tape was almost broken at one point in the middle and I had to discard tracks 6 & 15. I had to break open the cassette and tranfer the tape to another cassette case (one with screws) as the pad and spring was missing.

However, after removing the hiss and tape motor noise with DePopper, the actual end result was much better than I expected. The outer case (and cover art) was missing, but managed to find an album cover from Google. Please feel free to add it to your Hawaiian blogs.

Track List
01 - Blue Hawaii
02 - When You Dream About Hawaii
03 - Song Of The Island
04 - Now Is The Hour
05 - Trade Winds
06 - missing***
07 - Blue Tango
08 - Goodbye Hawaii
09 - Red Sails In The Sunset
10 - On The Beach In Waikiki
11 - Sweet leilani
12 - Moonlight And Roses
13 - Drifting and Dreaming
14 - Hawaiian War Chant
15 - missing***
16 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
17 - Harbour Lights
18 - Paradise
19 - Hawaiian Village
20 - Aloha Oe


password: hawaii


I hope that explains everything for you. Enjoy!

Terangi Manakoora a dit...

Thank you Scorpio...

First....what a neighbours...lol...and you have a luck garden!...lol
So you fix the cassette (tranfers the tape to another cassette) and discard 2 tracks (6 &15).
Well, thank you for answers and for the track list.

Thank you Scorpio and Niko!
And thank you neighbours’ Scorpio too…lol


Anonyme a dit...

Bon, cher Niko, en remerciement de tes nombreux albums partagés avec goût (et avec le son abyssal en moins ;-) ) voici quelque chose qui risque de te plaire (mais ce n'est pas moi qui l'ai mis en ligne ....) :

Franck Chacksfield: Hawaï [phase 4] @ 320:


Anonyme a dit...

Big Ben LP rip - Third Island has it Feb 2008.