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24 septembre 2006

Dick Hyman and His Orchestra - Provocative Piano (Command RS 811 SD)

Et hop ! Un autre LP de chez Command : Dick Hyman and His Orchestra - Provocative Piano. Comme toujours, rip à partir du Lp original. Bonne écoute!

L'album + pochette : ici

4 commentaires:

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ a dit...

Nico. Thanks for all your great posts. Especially this one. Timbo


Roman a dit...

Hi Nico,

I just wanted to thank you for your great blog. Updated regularly with a great musical taste and perfect files. There are not many blogs like yours, to me this is among the top five on the web. I´m always looking forward to Monday, when your blog is updated.

Keep up your great work! :o)



julioxo a dit...

Thanks for good post Niko

Strange Fruit a dit...

Oh, I have come late to the party and this file is "not found." I am so sorry to have missed it. Maybe you will post again later? Thanks for sharing your terrific collection!