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12 mai 2006

Ray Kinney - Echoes of Hawaii (Sparton C33-4907)

La nuit tombe... Tiédeur humide... Collé serré. Romantic Echoes of Hawaii. Un saut dans le passé.

L'album + pochette : ici

4 commentaires:

julioxo a dit...

I love quality music, thank you NIKO

thecaretaker a dit...

The quality of the Jonny Pineapple recording is fantastic and is far better than my feable attempt at restoring the original. It's my all time favourite Hawaiian LP. I am so happy you are adding these Hawaiian albums up for others to enjoy. Please keep up the good work.

I have a few Hawaiian recordings I have tried to clean up from Vinyl for old time sake. Wout Steenhuis, Hawaiian Trouberdors, Lani McIntire, The Wikiki Beach Boys etc. Your welcome to add them to this site if you wish. Just get in contact.

tumbleboy a dit...

Many thanks for the Hwaiian stuff,anybody got any ukulele albums?
thecaretaker's recordings would be good I'm alittle ignorant when it comes to hawiian music
cheers guys

Tiki Lika a dit...

Merci, part deux!